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Samsung Plasma Display Panel Hisar

What is a Plasma TV?

A Plasma Display Panel (PDP) is a type of flat panel display now commonly used for large Samsung TV displays (typically above 43-inch or 109 cm). Many tiny cells located between two panels of glass hold an inert mixture of noble gases (neon and xenon). The gas in the cells is electrically turned into a plasma which then excites phosphors to emit light.A plasma display panel (PDP) is a type of flat panel display common to large TV displays 30 inches (76 cm) or larger. They are called "plasma" displays because they use small cells containing electrically charged ionized gases, which are plasmas.




Advantages of Plasma Display Panel:-

  • Capable of producing deeper blacks allowing for a superior contrast ratio.
  • As they use the same or similar phosphors as are used in CRT displays, plasma's color reproduction is very similar to that of CRTs.
  • Wider viewing angles than those of LCD; images do not suffer from degradation at less than straight ahead angles like LCDs. LCDs using IPS technology have the widest angles, but they do not equal the range of plasma primarily due to "IPS glow", a generally whitish haze that appears due to the nature of the IPS pixel design.
  • Less visible motion blur, thanks in large part to very high refresh rates and a faster response time, contributing to superior performance when displaying content with significant amounts of rapid motion.
  • Superior uniformity. LCD panel backlights nearly always produce uneven brightness levels, although this is not always noticeable. High-end computer monitors have technologies to try to compensate for the uniformity problem.
  • Unaffected by clouding from the polishing process. Some LCD panel types, like IPS, require a polishing process that can introduce a haze usually referred to as "clouding".
  • Less expensive for the buyer per square inch than LCD, particularly when equivalent performance is considered.
  • Image result for images of plasma tv


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