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Samsung LFD Panels Jaipur


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 Large format displays (LFDs) are flat screens that are sleek and very minimal in design, allowing businesses to display messages and presentations to customers and visitors.Designed with thin bezels, they are usually mounted onto walls and are the prime focus of the room. Available in various sizes starting from 32” and going up to 90”+ they can be used independently or grouped for a multi-screen display, to act as a story board. The typical size od LFD will fall in the 40″-60″ category and will usually have an array or ports and  adapters to play various types of media .

As with monitors and TV’s, each large format display screen is different and offer various advantages from a business perspective. But, most are either LED, LCD or Plasma and can be used to display television through the HDMI cable, (although they do not have a TV tuner), digital signage, welcome boards and messages. Some are also available in touch screen which is ideal if you are using them in a board meeting or presentation.

Many LFDs are now also available in touch screen format, ideal if you’re using them in a board meeting or a presentation as well as for interactive education activities.

Why do you need LFD PANELS?

Whether you’re a small or large business, thanks to the versatility of these monitors’ means that your business can use them however you think you will benefit from them the most.

By using large format display to project posters, adverts or general messages you are engaging with existing and potential customers whenever they walk through the doors and enter the building.

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If your business or company specialises in training days or does a lot of internal training then a large format display monitor (especially the touch screen ones) will be a great aid for encouraging interaction and showing videos/imagery and presenting clearly.

Some screens have also been designed to be used outdoors, so can be used to promote your business or a campaign that you’re working on, or even train people outside if you’re feeling generous!

There are many different models of large format display monitors available, but to ensure that your business gets the full benefit from the screens it’s worth sitting down and first of all thinking about what you will use them for, if you need more than one, and the space that you have ready available for them.


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