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Samsang LFD Monitor Noida

Why LFD?
   Professional communication displays that will deliver your message, No matter where, no matter what.
 LFDs backed with cutting edge technologies, that deliver incomparable images, easy-to-use features, economical solutions and critical reliability.
 professional LFD displays offer a solution for every situation, that make you future ready.
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The Large Format Display (LFD) monitors seem to be designed specifically with audiences in mind. So classrooms, board meetings, announcements as customers walk by your store window, etc. You know the monitors in your local mall that show advertisements? LFDs. My guess is this is part of why they're so expensive too: a large audience usually means you're a business or instructor with more purchasing power.

LCD has to do with the display type (Liquid Crystal Display) and is generally considered superior to something like CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) or other older display technologies.

So you could have an LFD that uses LCD technology, but you could have an LFD that uses something else, like LED (which can be similar, but the lighting used is a series of LED lights, rather than a fluorescent lamp).

One disadvantage of LCDs, of course, is that at angles the image becomes increasingly less visible until it's pretty much impossible to make it out. For a CRT, you can usually see the image clearly enough to see what's going on, even at extreme side angles to the screen.





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