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Projector Repair Rohtak

Projector Repair Services

We are leading service provider of Projector Repair Service in Delhi NCR. We provide projector repair for all types of projector like sony, dell, epson, benq, panasonic and etc. The services offered are delivered by the trained technicians who have hands on experience in repairing of the projector. Based on our knowledge, projectors which are heavily used can suffer from power issues, cooling issues, and image staining. The component needs new polarizing filters, mirrors, fans, or bulbs, we can help.

If you are looking for Repairing Services for Projector in Delhi than you are at right place, Quickly Supports is a specialized Projector Repairing Service Provider in Delhi NCR at your doorsteps. We are Experts in Repairing of all models of Projector and provides Best and Reasonable Projector Repairing Services all over Delhi NCR.

We are specialized in Projector Repair Services in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Greater Noida. All our services and products are reliable for customer. They can use our all projector products for projection related purpose. Our repair services are economical for use. Repair is done by highly skilled people. Who are expert in repair of projector and its spare parts?

If some parts of projector are not working properly, you can exchange these faulty parts at Sunlite Systems. Get easy repair or projectors near to your city. Projector parts of all main brands like Sony, Hitachi, Vivitek, Infocus, Benq, Epson, Toshiba, Panasonic, and Dell. And projector repair in Delhi office of Acer, Ask, 3M, 3D perception, Barco, BenQ, Canon, and Casio. And other parts repair can be done easily here. Common Projector faults we repair: dead not getting on, lamp not working / damaged, no signal or picture, screen scrolling or partial image, powers off erratically, image quality problem – colors / resolution, remote control does not work, cannot remove lens cap. Projector repair in Nehru Place is now possible for vendor.

All our staff is very supportive to customers all time. Repair of projector parts such as color wheel, mother board. Projector repair in Delhi NCR of lamp sockets, air filter, chips replacement and power supply replacement. All can be done by people here. We are well experienced in providing service in all kinds of projector spares.

We can refurbish your projector to its full functionality and restore it to its factory specs. Based on our experience, projectors which are heavily used can suffer from power issues, cooling issues, and image discoloration. Whether the unit needs new polarizing filters, mirrors, fans, or bulbs, we can help. We can refurbish your projector to its full functionality and restore it to its factory specs. Based on our experience, projectors which are heavily used can suffer from power issues, cooling issues, and image discoloration. Whether the unit needs new polarizing filters, mirrors, fans, or bulbs, we can help. We are a service centre for Sony, Hitachi, Epson, Infocus, Dell, Benq, Vivitek, NEC, Sharp, Viewsonic and other brands. We only recommend service on mid-range and high-range projectors. We especially recommend repair for high-lumen projectors, as these units are very expensive to replace and are built to last.

Don’t Replace your Lamp!

Many repairs come to our facility after the owner has attempted to replace the lamp, only to find that the new projector lamp did not improve prior issues. Often times, end users may attempt to replace the lamps with cheap knock-off “OEM” lamps – these lamps can cause power fluctations that damage internal components and cause more damage over the long term.

Institutional Relationships

We frequently work with universities, colleges, school districts, non-profits, churches, and other corporate entities to do large cleaning and refurbishment projects. If you have more than 10 projectors that need cleaning or repair, please let us know, as we are one of only a few national facilities capable of handling large quantity orders in a timely fashion.

Common Projector Repair Issues

Discolored Projector Image

Projector image discoloration is one of the most common issues, and is not resolved by replacing your projector lamp. If your projector shows a yellow, red, purple, or blue tint along all or part of your image, it needs to be professionally serviced. A discolored image means that there is an issue with the color wheel (DLP projectors) or polarizing plates (LCD projectors). If caught early on LCD projectors, this repair only requires cleaning, labor, and recallibration of the color module. If you wait too long, this repair involves replacement of the polarizing plates or prism assembly which can be quite expensive. Dust, Specks, and Dark Spots on Projector Image.

Projectors require cleaning and maintenance. Failure to do so on an annual or semi-annual basis can lead to dust within the optical section which will show up as dots or specks on your projector image. If the dots are a tinted color or hue, this means that the dust has settled on the color module, which means that the polarizing plates need to be cleaned (lcd projector) or the color wheel needs to be cleaned (dlp projector). Less commonly, this could also be a result of a damaged dlp chip (from being dropped or otherwise), or a damaged section in the prism assembly or optical block.

Projector Won’t Power On & Other Projector Power Issues

If your projector unexpectedly shuts off or won’t power on, there may be an issue with the power supply, ballast, software, or cooling system. In some cases, there may be damage to the internal circuit boards. This repair will involve pinpointing the cause of the problem, along with a thorough cleaning of hard to reach cooling channels. This is not a user serviceable repair.

Projector Has Blinking Light

A constantly blinking green or red status light may indicate one of a few system messages. Depending on the make and model of the projector, a blinking status light may mean it’s time to replace the lamp, the projector is over-heating, or needs to be cleaned. If the status light is accompanied by a power-on issues, then this may be indicative of more significant issues such as main board failure, ballast failure, or needs replacement fans.

Part of Projector Image is Black or Missing

If you have a DLP projector, a broken DLP chip is the likely cause and will require a replacement. On all projectors, this could be the result of damage to the prism assembly or optical block.

Projector Image is Dull or Dim

The likely culprit of a dim projector is the bulb. High bulb hours will require a replacement of the bulbs in the unit. While replacing the lamp can be done by the end user, it is important to realize that the lamp is usually one of the last things that needs to be replaced. We recommend replacing bulbs after 3000 hours of use, which is well outside the annual use range for most recreational projector users. Often times, we receive calls from customers who have spent a few hundred dollars replacing their lamps, only to find that the lamp was not the cause of their discoloration, power on issues, or blinking status lights.   

No Inputs Recognized by Projector

The issue could be either software or hardware. Try switching to a different input, for example, use your laptop to plug into the VGA or HDMI port you previously were not using. Make sure that your projector is on the right display mode. Sometimes, broken remotes or broken buttons on the projector will prevent you from switching to the correct input, so test these too. If you have confirmed that the projector’s hardware or software is the cause of your input issue, it is likely that the interface board may need replacement.

Cracked Projector Lens Assembly or Projector Housing

Mishandled projectors that have been dropped may need work to replace physical features of the projector, including replacement of any mounting brackets for lenses, or the lenses themselves. Lenses are not repaired, but they are rather replaced.

Preventative Maintenance for your Projector

Preventative Maintenance will increase the lifetime of your expensive projector, and we recommend this for projectors that cost more than 30000 Rupees new. For schools and businesses using projectors, especially high brightness projectors, a good Preventative Maintenance schedule calls for a cleaning and re-calibration once a year. Churches and low hour users can usually get away with a semi-annual cleaning.

Projector Types We Repair

  • DLP Projector
  • LCos Projector
  • LCD Projector
  • CRT Projector

Projector Brands We Repair

  • Projector Repair & Services- 3M
  • Projector Repair & Services- BenQ
  • Projector Repair & Services- Canon
  • Projector Repair & Services- Casio
  • Projector Repair & Services- Christie Digital
  • Projector Repair & Services- Epson
  • Projector Repair & Services- Hitachi
  • Projector Repair & Services- InFocus
  • Projector Repair & Services- JVC
  • Projector Repair & Services- LG Electronics
  • Projector Repair & Services- NEC
  • Projector Repair & Services- Optoma
  • Projector Repair & Services- Panasonic
  • Projector Repair & Services- Sony
  • Projector Repair & Services- Viewsonic
  • Projector Repair & Services- Vivitek

A House of Multi Brand Projector Repair and Solutions Provider
Sanyo, Nec, Epson, Optoma, Infocus, Sony, Casio, Hitachi, HP, Benq

Our Prices:

Projector Repair Service Charges: 2,000 rupees + GST 18 %

Projector Lamp Prices: 3.500 rupees - 16,000 rupees + GST 18%

DMD Chip Cost/Prices: 4,000 rupees - 16,000 rupees + GST 18%

Mothor board Repairing charges : 5,000 rupees - 10,000 rupees + GST 18%

Color Wheel Reparing charges: 4,000 rupees - 9,000 rupees + GST 18%

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Professional – Affordable – Fast

Projector Repair includes complete cleaning and maintenance service:

  • outside and inside cleaning
  • cooling system cleaning (fans, air filters and air ducts)
  • light engine cleaning (mirror condenser, light tunnel, color wheel or polarize filters)
  • lens cleaning
  • inputs testing (HDMI, DVI, VGA, RGB, Video and S-Video)
  • restoring projectors to factory default settings

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