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LG High Brightness Display Noida

What is High Brightness Display?



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A high brightness monitor, also known as a sunlight readable monitor or VHB (very high brightness) monitor is a computer monitor designed to operate in very bright environments, for example in broad daylight. Sunlight Readable monitors typically provide at least 1,000 nits of brightness, versus 200-300 nits brightness for a typical desktop computer monitor.



High brightness sunlight readable monitors are typically used commercially in kiosks, vending systems, pipeline inspection systems, outdoor digital signage and advertising, in sports stadiums, in military vehicles, on ships for navigation systems, on bus and train platforms and airports,  LG high brightness screen is manufactured specifically to perform in brightly lit environments, even in direct sunlight. They are ideally suited to a number of applications including bus / train stations, airports, and retail store windows.



High-brightness screens, designed to emit more light than normal commercial-grade digital signs on the market and able to withstand the harsh external usage conditions. These screens are certainly much more durable than consumer-grade televisions that manufacturers commonly supply for  harsh environments.







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1) Outdoor (Parking Lot and Entrance)


Outdoor digital signage can assist and guide passengers from the moment they arrive at the airport. Because the signage will be competing with direct sunlight, bright daylight and the elements, you should select high-brightness displays rated for outdoor use, with remote management capability for content updates via the network. LG’s 55- and 75-inch high-brightness displays are IP-56 rated to withstand temperature extremes and humidity while fending off damage from dust, dirt and other airborne particulates.



2) Check-in Counters


Displaying flight updates and general information at the check-in counters will help passenger foot traffic flow smoothly. Look for displays rated for 24/7 operation, with automatic screen fault detection which sends email alerts in case of screen failure. Additional features should include image sticking minimization to prevent image retention; and PC-less content management.



3) Security Checkpoints


Placing a display near the TSA line and showing illustrations and animations to remind people to empty their pockets, or other instructions, will help eliminate communication barriers and speed the screening process. LG offers a variety of display sizes and formats to accommodate virtually any space and ensure the messaging will be clearly seen.



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4) Concourse


Highly visible displays with general information, flight updates, wayfinding and local business advertising can significantly reduce passenger stress and afford them more time to spend at the airport shops. Consider unique digital signage that will fit in spaces conventional displays cannot, like the LG 86-inch Ultra Stretch display or 88-inch Ultra Stretch display with touch screen overlay. Additionally, the outstanding large-format 98-inch interactive UHD display attracts attention effortlessly and can be very helpful to passengers and curious shoppers in a rush. Today, many airport advertisers are also using large direct view LED screens to deliver impressive, eye-catching experiences with text, imagery and video.


5) Commercial Areas


For the shops and food courts, LG offers a wide range of displays from 22-inches to 98-inches. Look for displays specified for 16-24-hour / 7-day operation, with webs OSSoftware, beacon technology, embedded PCs and energy-efficient operation. These displays offer a high return on investment with a low total cost of ownership. Vendors can display special promotions to people in their store using beacons and near-field communication (NFC) technologies. Digital menu boards will allow restaurants to automatically change menus during the day via software for day part scheduling.


6) Gate Hold


Combining other messaging with the flight information data in the gate hold areas can enable cross-optimization. Display public announcements, special offers for the coffee bar in case of a delay, a travel umbrella sale at one of the shops if the destination weather calls for rain, or alert notifications in case of emergency.



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