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LG Curved Monitor Delhi

Why LG Curved Monitors?




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A curved display is a revolutionary model in display technology that features three-dimensional (3-D) screens instead of two-dimensional (2-D) screens. It can substantially change ways that we think and use a range of interfaces, from TVs and laptops to tablets and mobile devices. A curved display is the best way to view your work, play PC games, and watch video content because the shape complements your eyeballs for an easier, more natural viewing experience.


Enhance the surroundings with a beautifully curved design using slim tiles that form customizable displays linking 2, 3 or 4 tiles together. The pencil-thin display with dual-sided view offers customers an incredible multimedia experience while efficiently utilizing space.


Advantages of a Curved Monitor:-



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Real Curve, Real Immersion:

With LG’s Curved Monitor, gaming just got real. Alongside the superior image quality of the screen, embedded AMD FreeSync Technology cuts any motion blur and ghosting down to minimum – meaning a smoother, more satisfying experience for serious gamers.


The primary reason why people opt to buy a curved monitor is the level of immersion that they offer, the kind of immersion that is now only rivaled by VR headsets. Namely, the slight curve of the monitor makes the displayed image appear more realistic as it “bends” around your field of view.


One of the most important features highlighted by manufacturers is the enhanced level of immersion offered by curved displays. How this works is by bending the edges of the display ever-so-slightly in a bid to replicate a more realistic visual experience (as if you're looking out a window). Having the screen wrap around you allows for more content (be it gaming or other media) to fill the surroundings. In our experience, this is the case, especially in games.






Combined with the above feature is a wider viewing angle, which is the result of the curved panel. As well as offering higher levels of immersion (unlike curved TVs), it also helps cut down on distortion by having light directed to the eye as opposed to around the side of your head. Another handy by product of a curved display is reduced glare and reflections. While a flat panel may show the reflection of a window, light source or objects located behind, a curved panel helps combat this (to a degree).


There's no getting away from the fact that curved displays look awesome. Older CRT displays used glass that provided the opposite effect with an outward curve. A thin panel with an inward curvature looks futuristic. Interestingly, unlike pointless 3D that turned out to be the gimmick it always was going to be in TVs, curved displays really do have a place on the desk or in the living room.


They improve immersion :-

This is the biggest argument made in favour of curving TV screens. The idea is that by curving the image slightly forward, the world you’re watching seems to ‘wrap around’ you more, entering slightly more into your peripheral vision and thus drawing you deeper into the world you’re watching.

The sense of ‘depth’ is enhanced :-

One of the most common reactions from people watching a curved screen for the first time is that it looks like 3D, even when the source is only 2D. This is because curving the edges of the image towards the viewer enhances the visual perception of depth in what you’re watching. Samsung underlines this by applying depth enhancement processing to its curved TVs that adjusts the contrast of different parts of the image to boost the sense of field depth.


You get a wider field of view:-

Bending the edges of the image towards you makes you feel as if you’re seeing a wider image than you get with a flat screen. Draw lines from your head position to the edges of, say, a 65-inch flat TV and then draw lines from your head position past the edges of a 65-inch curved TV to the same plane you’d have been watching the flat screen in, and the curved screen’s image appears to stretch further across the wall than the flat TV image, despite the screen sizes involved being ostensibly the same.


Contrast is better than ‘non-curved’ screens:-

This is an interesting one. The argument goes that curved screens focus the light coming from the screen more directly at your eyes – in much the same way satellite dishes strengthen signals by focussing them onto an LNB – and so can deliver between 1.5x and 1.8x higher contrast than flat screens.


This argument is hard to quantify objectively in the absence (for comparison) of flat screens that use the same exact level of picture specification used by the first curved screens we’ve seen. However, it is certainly true that most of the curved screens we’ve seen to date have truly excelled in the contrast department.


Uniform viewing distance:-


The argument goes that curved TVs track the rounded shape of our eyes better, and thus deliver a more focussed, comfortable image than flat screens. This argument is born out to some extent by the use of curved screens in commercial cinemas, where the curve helps the projected image retain even sharpness right into the corners of their vast screen sizes.


 You get a wider effective viewing angle:-

This doesn’t make much sense on paper. Logic dictates that curving the edges of the image forward should reduce viewing angle support, not increase it. However, LCD TVs have a directionality problem, whereby the way they push light through their LCD arrays means that viewing from down an LCD TV’s sides means you usually have to put up with quite drastic reductions in colour saturations and contrast.

With curved screens, though, the way the curve adjusts the direction of the emitted light means that contrast and colour retain almost perfect accuracy if you watch from the side – right up to the point, at least, where the curve causes other viewing angle issues discussed in the ‘cons’ section…


Curved TVs just look cool:-

Picture fans will despair at us even considering this reason to buy a curved TV. However, design now ranks high on a typical household’s TV priority list, and most (though definitely not all) people who behold a curved TV think they look lovely. When they’re on their desktop stands, at any rate…



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